A man who failed his driving test in the first five seconds crashed his car exactly a year later.

Man crashes car

Man crashes car

Craig Barraza, 33, set one of the fastest driving test fails in history after he forgot which side of the road the UK drives on.

Apparently Craig, who is from Aberdeenshire, had a complete mind blank and said he took a ''50/50'' chance and pulled out from the testing centre onto the wrong side of the road.

He only realised his major mistake when the examiner said: ''You do realise you're on the wrong side of the road?''

Craig had to continue with the 40 minute test despite knowing he had already failed.

Now, he has taken to Facebook to reveal February 2 isn't a good day for him to be driving after he crashed into a car at a roundabout after having a sneezing fit.

He wrote: ''The second of February is clearly becoming a troublesome day of the year for me in terms of driving.''