A man is featuring 32 new toastie fillings including Mars bar and supernoodle in his café menu.

Mars Bar toastie

Mars Bar toastie

Frankies in Manchester is opening next week and is dedicating its entire menu to the humble snack by experimenting with different fillings including ham and cheese, molten Mars Bars, Caramac and Super Noodles.

The owner of the café, Barry Chui, told the Manchester Evening News newspaper: ''It's a bit of a random idea but I was just at home one night, I had nowt in the fridge so I made a toastie - and when I was eating it that's when I thought: 'Everyone loves a toastie'.

''They're the old school ones that people know from growing up. The grilled cheese is a bit of an Americanism and it's become quite a big thing, but when I was looking I couldn't find anything where anybody was doing just toasties.

''As far as I know we're the first people to open a dedicated toastie restaurant in the country.''

Priced from £3 to £4, the extensive menu will cover both sweet and savoury snacks to cover all appetites.

Barry added: ''I've got a selection to go in there like Kinder Buenos and Malteasers, like milkshake bars do. We're going to do the same but in a toastie.''