A man has puzzled social media users after showing that Cadbury's Flakes don't melt in the microwave.



Joe Moruzzi shared a clip of his experiment on Instagram as he compared the effect the heat had on the Flake compared to a Cadbury Caramel.

He says in the video: "Right, so we're having a debate, I know this for a fact. Dan doesn't believe it and Laura doesn't believe it. Flakes don't melt in the microwave.

"For comparison, we've got Cadbury Caramel and we've got Flake."

Moruzzi placed both bars in the microwave for 30 seconds and the Flake stayed in perfect shape, while the caramel bar promptly melted into a chocolate puddle.

Cadbury explained that the bars are made to crumble in your mouth and have not been designed to melt.

A spokesperson said: "The reason it's difficult to melt is because, for nearly a century, we have deliberately controlled the final manufacturing process to ensure the folds of the bar crumble in the mouth."