A man has discovered a drawing that he bought for 73p could be worth £10,000.



Santiago Taute paid a paltry sum for the picture at a street market in Ecuador in 2001 and it had laid dormant for several years until his wife Delia spotted that it was by acclaimed artist Lee Hadwin, who is notable for painting pictures as he sleeps.

Taute - who now lives in the UK - told LADbible: "I liked the look of the drawing because of all of the colours, and ended up purchasing it for one dollar with a few other souvenirs.

"I finally got all my boxes from Spain last year when we moved into a new home. I was taking things out of the boxes and found the painting so went to show my wife.

"She recognised the signature, checked the website of the artist and he has now confirmed the drawing I bought for a dollar is one of his and worth thousands!

"We are both very happy and shocked to find this out."