A man discovered that his stomach brews alcohol after being arrested for drink driving.



Danny Giannotto was pulled over by officers who found that he was three times over the limit despite not having a drink.

A confused Danny underwent hospital tests after previously having episodes of feeling drunk, where he found out that he suffers from Auto-brewery Syndrome, which sees his stomach turn carbohydrates into alcohol.

The 49-year-old admits that he now must take precautions whenever he has a snack to prevent himself from feeling tipsy.

He said: We have a breathalyser voluntarily installed in the car now in case I have to drive anywhere or if I have a slice of cake at a party.

''My alcohol levels will rise if I eat a bagel, pizza or anything with carbs. My alcohol levels get up to 0.4 and over but the legal limit is 0.08 so it's four times over. It feels no different than if I'd been out drinking.''