A man claims that he failed a drugs test for a new job after eating bread that had been made with poppy seeds.



The individual, who was not named, says that his prospective employers did not offer him a position after the test showed that he had opium in his system.

He says that he hadn't taken any drugs or medication that could have influenced the result and believes that the only traces could have come from the sandwiches he had tucked into before the job interview.

The man's sister, from Plymouth in the UK, took to social media to warn others not to make the same mistake.

She wrote: "Just a quick one for everyone to be aware of…My brother went for a job interview today and had to do a drugs test he failed, with opium in his system.

"POPPY SEEDS caused him to fail his drugs test!! As he failed he didn’t get the job no matter how much convincing he tried. So just a warning DO NOT eat seeded bread with POPPY SEEDS 2-3 days before a drugs test. (sic)"