A man was filmed having sex with a flag pole on a golf course.

Man filmed having sex on golf course

Man filmed having sex on golf course

Steven Gayton was trying to complete the 18-hole course but when he approached the ninth hole, he saw a man lying on the grass with his trousers around his knees, the Metro reported.

He decided to start filming the man, who was recorded holding a 6ft flag pole near his bare backside while filming himself at the Brackenwood Golf Course in Merseyside.

Steven can be heard on the clip: ''There's a lad f**king himself, filming it on his phone.

''He's filming it on his phone, f**king his own a**e. Look at that.''

The man then places the flag back into the hole and gets up from the ground before pulling his trousers.

Steven said: ''He was on his own and it looked like he was doing it for a kick and filming himself doing it.

''From where we was it looked like he had his penis in the hole while he had the flag in his backside.

''It's the most weirdest thing I've ever had the misfortune to see. I don't think he was drunk because he was filming himself.

''There was only me and three other friends on the course. I think he thought he was alone and when he realised we had spotted him he was not bothered.

''Scary to think that there are a lot of kids around that area. Very strange. Who knows what goes through people's heads.

''That's definitely a game of golf I will never forget. I'm not sure if there is any CCTV in the area. I know they don't have it on the course.

''Maybe that is why he did it. All I can say is if my ball ever goes in the ninth hole at Brackenwood, it can stay there.''

Steven shared the clip on Facebook and it attracted more than 335,000 views.