A man has gained ''superpowers'' after he abstained from sex for 700 days.

Celibate man gains superpowers

Celibate man gains superpowers

A man decided to put a ban on his sex life, and went without masturbating for almost two years, and since his lifestyle change he has become a new man and tendencies he didn't have before, although he doesn't like referring to his new ways as powers.

According to Reddit, the man said: ''My mind did feel a lot clear and I was at peace more often.

''Yes I was able to feel all those things you call 'superpowers' too - sudden increase in confidence, laser sharp focus, more attention from women, easier to find sex, energy boosts, etc.

''I don't like to refer to them as 'superpowers' - how do we know these superpowers aren't just normal human tendencies?''

And the man has revealed he decided to make the drastic change because he felt his self-esteem was hit hard when he would be rejected by women.

He explained: ''We are all born with an empty void inside of ourselves. All our life we try to fill this void with something or the other.

''It can be anything - religion, spirituality, women, academics, work, porn, tinder, sex, mobile phone, TV, movies, and so on.

''I go on Tinder so frequently to see if I can find my one true soul mate (or maybe just get laid soon).

''Having meaningless sex with a new girl every time. How's any of this different from masturbating?

''And if none of these things go according to how I want them to, my self-esteem and general level of happiness takes a serious blow.''