A man who parked his car to avoid drink-driving found it stuck in a funfair when he went to collect it the next day.

Man gets car trapped in fun fair

Man gets car trapped in fun fair

Martyn Ross, 45, from Derbyshire, left his car in the centre of Ripley prior to a night out.

But after being told about a new fair that had been set up in the area, Martyn went to collect his Lexus only to find it had been blocked in by the amusement rides, the Derby Telegraph has reported.

Speaking about the incident, Martyn said: ''I was walking down towards the centre of town and I couldn't really see much until I saw them setting it up.

''I started to worry really thinking they've either towed it away or clamped it. I went to see that they've just built the fair round it instead.

''When I got there, there were a few fair workers who were laughing at me but it wasn't that hard to get out.

''I had to drive up the curb and squeeze in between a tree and a bus shelter but I got out eventually.''

Though Martyn managed to weave his vehicle out of the pop up site, he was ''scared'' that his car would not be there when he returned.

He said: ''It wasn't as bad as I thought but I did get a bit scared to begin with.''