A man got his car wedged onto a kerb while delivering food.

A car

A car

Ryan Gibbons was making a delivery for the restaurant he owns when he embarrassingly got his vehicle stuck on the kerb after being distracted while reversing.

Gibbons was left red-faced by the driving faux pas and revealed that the incident had left his father in hysterics.

He told LADbible: "I sat there for about 10 minutes not knowing whether to laugh or cry, I knew I'd be there for a while.

"I had a look around before I got out of the car and luckily nobody was around. When I got out I put my baseball cap a bit further down so nobody would see my face.

"When my dad arrived I could see them looking like meerkats over the dashboard howling with laughter, and you could see they'd been laughing and crying at the same time."