A man gets drunk after eating cake due to a rare condition.

Piece of cake

Piece of cake

Nick Carson suffers from a disorder called auto brewery syndrome (ABS) which causes the body to ferment carbohydrates in his body and turn them into alcohol and means that he can get drunk even though if he doesn't touch a drop of alcohol.

Carson admits that the ailment is "quite scary" and that he has to carry a breathalyser with him at all times as he doesn't know when he could get drunk.

He told LADbible: "I've basically become an involuntary alcoholic because this condition makes you one, whether you want to be or not.

"Having a little bit of sugar or carbohydrates can quickly make me become drunk.

"I try to stick to a Keto-based diet but it's hard because there are carbs in all sorts of foods.

"I can go from being stone cold sober to being three times over the driving limit in a matter of minutes which is quite scary."