A man got a 2kg dumbbell stuck up his bottom.

A man got a dumbbell stuck up his bum

A man got a dumbbell stuck up his bum

An unnamed 54-year-old Brazilian male visited a hospital in the city of Manaus complaining that he was unable to defecate, felt nauseous and was experiencing stomach pain, a report from the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports has revealed.

Doctors requested an X-ray on his abdomen after struggling to find what was causing the pain, while the man was hesitant to reveal the source of his discomfort.

The X-rays spotted the metallic dumbbell in the man's rectum but medics were unable to remove it surgically. With the lack of other options, they then decided to perform a "manual extraction".

The man was released from hospital after three days and went on to make a recovery.

The report claims that items being placed up the rectum is quite prevalent among men.

It said: "A huge variety of rectal objects have been described, with a greater predominance of those of a sexual nature, followed by glass objects, which should be handled with greater care due to their fragility and risk of injury if broken."