A suspect burst into tears after he got his head wedged between the bars of his cell.

Man gets head stuck in prison cell

Man gets head stuck in prison cell

A man got himself in a fluster in at a police station in China after he rammed his head through the iron bars to shout at officers before realising he was stuck.

Two policeman tried to pull the bars apart in order to push the man's head back through but it wasn't successful and the suspect - whose name isn't known - breaks down in tears as an onlooker filmed the incident on their mobile phone.

An officer then tried to push his head back through but he screeched: ''Don't push, it hurts!'' before he begins to shout at them for holding an ''innocent'' man ''unfairly.''

His anger then increases and he begins to shout names at the officers but they don't retaliate and continue to push his head back through the bars.

The footage ends there but, according to Chinese media, the man was eventually freed, although it's not known whether he suffered an injuries.