A mystery man has got a tattoo of Lionel Richie dressed as the 'Where's Wally?' character on his crotch.

Lionel Richie tattoo

Lionel Richie tattoo

A photo was posted on the Maga Walk of Shame Facebook page showing a man with an inking of the 68-year-old musician with the lyrics from his 1983 hit single 'Hello' on his pelvis.

The unusual tattoo, which has the famous lyrics ''Hello, is it me you're looking for?'' sitting just above the hip bone on the anonymous male and has been etched in coloured ink, was simply captioned ''Nope'' on the site.

The social media page was recently designed to share embarrassing photographs sent in from British people travelling in the Spanish hotspot of Magaluf who have been involved in raunchy antics.

The post has received numerous comments and shares, with some amused viewers announcing plans to get the same body art.

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