A man is giving up food for 46 days to go on a Lent beer diet.

Drinking beer

Drinking beer

Del Hall has revealed that his diet until Easter will only include beer, water, black coffee and herbal tea.

Hall, from Cincinnati in the US, told WXIX-TV: "I only have three to five beers a day. It's not like I'm drinking constantly. If you eat your standard diet, it gets boring. You don't eat the same thing every day. So, I am definitely not going to drink the same thing every day."

Hall has successfully completed Lent beer diets in the past two years and is aiming to raise money for bars and restaurants affected by the coronavirus pandemic with his latest effort.

He added: "The human body is an amazing thing. We're used to going through feast and famine as hunter-gatherers. The problem is we don't go through the famine anymore."