A man hid his girlfriend in his bedroom for a decade so he could avoid a family row.



The Muslim man, known as Rahman, fell in love with his neighbour Sajitha 10 years ago but was concerned that their parents would not let them get married.

As a result, he smuggled her into his bedroom in the Indian city of Palakkad so they could continue their relationship in secret.

The pair had planned to rent a room of their but were never able to save enough money and Sajitha ended up spending year after year in the bedroom.

Rahman ate his meals in the bedroom and also turned the TV up so nobody would suspect that his partner was there. At night, Sajitha climbed out of the window so she could stretch her legs.

The arrangement was finally discovered recently when they were discovered living in their own flat and Sajitha's father said he approved of the couple.

He told local media: "I am so glad she is alive. We would never have objected to their marriage."