A man had a leech stuck up his nose for almost two weeks.

Man has leech stuck up nose for 2 weeks

Man has leech stuck up nose for 2 weeks

A 51-year-old patient was forced to seek medical assistance after he began suffering with intense nosebleeds, but it wasn't until he saw Dr Liu - a ear, nose and throat specialist at Beihai People's Hospital in China - that he was told the cause of his bloody mess was a result of the blood-thirsty parasite setting up camp in his nostril.

The doctor decided the only way to remove the leech was to yank it out with a metal contraption and, although it looked like a painful experience, the ordeal was filmed.

Dr Liu is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: ''The male patient is 51 years old. He's just come back from work in Yunnan Province and has been suffering from nosebleeds for more than 10 days. His wife said she had seen something peek out of his nostrils. When I checked I saw it in his right nostril, then I found something in his left nostril that suddenly disappeared. We confirmed it to be a leech during a nasal endoscopy. My nurse almost collapsed from fright.''

It's not known how the leech got up his nose but it's believed it may have wiggled its way up while he was swimming in a dirty river in Yunnan Province, southwest China.