A man has claimed he lost his virginity to an alien.

Man loses virginity to alien

Man loses virginity to alien

David Huggins, now 74, made the claims while appearing on 'This Morning' on Monday (05.02.18), and he said he first started seeing the extra-terrestrials when he was only eight.

A few years later when he was 17, he met another of the alien race who, he revealed, was called Crescent, who he says he lost his virginity to.

He said: ''I heard someone say, 'David - behind you,' and I turned around and this little hairy guy came coming towards me and his eyes were glowing and he terrified me.

''I ran to the barn and when I turned back he was running back into the woods. I went back to the barn later on that day and he was hidden behind the tree.

''She [Crescent] wears a wig but she has black hair, large black eyes, a very pale face and the body looks quite human and I think she has quite long fingernails.''