A 'council worker' poured Coco Pops into a pot hole after claiming the local council's budget wasn't big enough to fix the road problem.

Man fills pot hole with Coco Pops

Man fills pot hole with Coco Pops

Instead of using tarmac, the man was filmed pouring the chocolate breakfast cereal into the hole followed by a full six-pint carton of milk, claiming it's only a temporary fix, the Metro reported.

The video was posted to a parody page called 'East Ayrshire Cooncil' with the caption; ''F**king Coco Pops. This is what £6 million gets you (sic)''

The man dons a high-vis jacket in the road and the man filming approaches him asking what he is doing.

He replied: ''It's come from the top, there's only a £6 million budget to fix the potholes so this is a cheaper alternative.

''It's the cheaper alternative. It's just a temporary fix just now, until we get a better budget.''