A radio presenter has raised seven 'caterpillar children' after he found them in some broccoli.



Kiss FM host Sam Darlaston discovered the creatures as he went to cook his ''favourite vegetable'' one evening.

Sam transferred the caterpillars to his living room and has named them Broc, Ollie, Cedric, Carlos, Croc, Janine and Slim Eric.

Some of the caterpillars have now evolved into butterflies, with four still cocooned.

Darlaston said: ''I didn't think they would survive if I put them outside straight away.

''I read the caterpillars only eat their host plant and I didn't have any broccoli in the garden. So I thought, the best best is to keep them with some broccoli and they can leave when they're older.''

The DJ added that his housemates have ''embraced'' the caterpillar family.

Sam explained: ''My housemates have just embraced it and now come and check how they are.

''They were alright with it, they were just like, 'that's how lockdown is going then, we now keep caterpillars.'''