A man has had reconstructive surgery to reduce the size of his giant testicles.

Penis surgery

Penis surgery

Forence Owiti Opiyo found a cyst on his genitals when he was 10 years old, which he underwent invasive surgery to remove, however the procedure was unsuccessful and the growth continued to grow and the unknown medical condition has meant the 21 year old's manhood has increased by ten times the size.

According to the Metro Online, Forence struggled to walk and wear clothes because of his swelling nether regions, and even medication failed to shrink his penis.

He said: ''This thing started very small, like a boil. Then it was the size of my fist. It just continued to grow bigger and bigger.

''It was operated on and they removed it. They did some tests and found out it was had not been fully removed but I could not come back due to the post-election violence and I stayed home.

''I finished my medicine but it continued to grow. I was supposed to come for a second operation but we could raise the money we needed.''

However, Forence's neighbour took to social media to help raise money for the youngster to undergo another operation, which saw Our Lady of Mercy Ranguma respond to the plea.

Forence has since undergone surgery to remove the excess mass from his penis and to reconstruct his member to a normal shape and size that is fully functioning.