A man recruited five friends to help him propose to his girlfriend, only to be rejected in public.

Proposal blunder

Proposal blunder

A male plucked up the courage to pop the question to his lover and planned the moment carefully, which saw a handful of his close pals perform a dance routine on a baseball pitch whilst Bruno Mars' 'Marry you' played in the background on Tuesday night (13.06.17).

But what was to be a special moment, did not got to plan, and when the camera panned to the couple in the crowd the man's partner was not impressed.

In the footage, which has been shared on Instagram and has also been posted on the Mirror Online, the woman can be seen with a face like thunder before she whispered something in her boyfriend's and left her beau on his own.

Although the man's request is believed to have been declined he was then offered upgraded seats and free beverages from onlookers.

The social media user, who uploaded the clip to the photo-sharing site, wrote: ''She left and he was escorted to upgraded seats with a couple of free beers from the fans around him (sic).''

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