A man has decided to sell his 9,000 beer can collection after 42 years.

Beer collection

Beer collection

A retired banker names Nick West began collecting the unusual item in 1975 after his wife, Deborah, bought him a book about the alcoholic substance, and ever since the 58 year old began scouring the internet and drinking beers to help him expand his collection.

According to the Mirror Online Nick hoarded so many cans over four decades that he turned part of his home in North Somerset into a beer can library.

However, Deborah believes his obsession has spiralled out of control, and as the pair have retired they plan to downsize, which means Nick will have to bid farewell to his large stash.

Speaking about his collection, he said: ''My wife and I retired a couple of weeks ago so our income has been dramatically reduced.

''We also want to downsize. Also rather morbidly my wife and kids have zero interest in it and I'm not getting any younger.

''When I do eventually go I don't want to leave them with all that to sort through.''