A man sold his £325,000 home and Mercedes to fund a sex toy company.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

British businessman Tom Thurlow, 29, ditched his fancy car and Gloucesterhire property - which he bought with profits from his dating app S**gAtUni - and cashed in Premium Bonds to free up as much money as he could to fund new Ricky vibrator range, which launched last week.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, Thurlow revealed he decided to set up a make-shift home in his office after his parents wanted him to move back out.

He added: ''It was everything really. I just decided, if I'm going to be in I need to be all in.

''I really believe in it and I'm a risk taker. My whole life is in it. I'm happy to lose it all if that's the way it goes.

''I just think that whatever happens with Brexit, people are still going to want to masturbate.''