A man spent 24 hours sitting in a pool full of bean dip to promote a restaurant.

Food Dip

Food Dip

Hunter Ray Barker waded into the pool that had been filled with the condiment in aid of the Los Toros Mexican eatery in California, which has suffered losses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The stuntman also received a tattoo of the restaurant's logo as he sat in the dip and revealed that he was determined to help out as the eatery is one of his favourites.

Barker said: "Obviously, a stunt like this is ridiculous - it's absurd, it's wild, but as with any stunt, I'm always in favour of something that edges on the side of absurdity if it can celebrate and at least make a couple of people laugh.

"If we can get more attention and turn a few more people into lifelong customers, that's what I love about it, too."