A man had to be restrained after trying to open the door of a British Airways flight in midair.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The unnamed man - who was suffering a panic attack - was travelling from Heathrow to Riyadah in Saudi Arabia, and around an hour before it was due to land he was seen trying to pull the lever on the door at the back of the aircraft.

One of the passengers who got involved was Dean Whyte - brother of boxer Dillian - who told The Guardian: ''It was like something out of a movie. When I got there he was shouting 'I want to get out' in broken English.

''I managed to grab him and was preparing to slam him hard if necessary but myself and the steward could see he wasn't quite right in the head so I held him and tried to calm him down. Eventually it worked.''

A spokesperson for the airline clarified a door can't be opened in flight - added: ''Our cabin crew cared for a customer who suffered from a panic attack during the flight. We are sorry for any concern this caused our customers.''