A man used the offer of a free pizza to find a girl who had been missing for three weeks.

Pizza finds missing girl

Pizza finds missing girl

Harry Brown from Surrey discovered that four-year-old Yvette Henley was being held in Arizona by her father Virgil Henley, 28, against a court order, which caused him to hatch a plan to reveal the pair's location.

According to the Guardian Online, Harry was asked to help with the situation by Yvette's grandparents Gary and Kim Forester, and his quick-thinking saw him trick Virgil into accepting the Italian take-away, which would be delivered free of charge, in a bid to uncover where the two were staying.

The grandparents were beyond grateful for Harry's assistance in the matter.

Gary said: ''Harry, all the way in London, England, was the only one who helped and found our Yvette. Harry will always be in our family's hearts.

''Words can never express my gratitude for him .''