A man has won a Vincent Van Gogh lookalike competition.

Van Gogh lookalike competition

Van Gogh lookalike competition

A 35-year-old man called Dan Baker has been crowned the champion in a competition held by Canadian artist Douglas Coupland likening him to the late artist.

Douglas was searching for the best face to help create a bronze sculpture of the late post-impressionist painter with the help of 3D programming and believed Dan was perfect for it.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about his win, which saw him come away with £4,180 cash prize, he said: ''My mates very often said it and my family also - it's always been in the air that I look like Vincent Van Gogh.

''I thought I had a good chance but I didn't expect to win.

''It is absolutely brilliant. I'm completely ecstatic. I'm overwhelmed and it is slightly surreal and absolutely brilliant - I feel flattered''

The pair have since met and have started working on the bust sculpture.