A man has come up with a genius idea to win a drinking ban bet made by his girlfriend.

Man's plan to cut drinking

Man's plan to cut drinking

Jamie Stokes, 27, was offered £100 from his girlfriend, Chloe Woodland, on the grounds that he was only allowed to enjoy one glass of booze a night until Christmas Day.

The male willingly accepted the challenge, but immediately questioned his ability to limit how much he consumed.

But quick-thinking Jamie soon found a loophole in the challenge, as he realised his lover never specified the size of the glass.

He posted a video on Facebook: ''Apparently I'm drinking too much. Way too much, apparently.

''I made a bet with her on Monday. If I can just - If I can stop drinking and just drink one glass and one glass only up until Christmas, I'll have £100.

''So it got me thinking, 'f**k, can I do it? One glass a night f**king up until Christmas? Ooh it's a long time.'

'''Aaah, f**king got it. So I went into Tesco today didn't I? Bought myself a new f**king glass.''

Jamie then turned the camera around and showed an enormous container that can fill up to seven pints.

He said: ''My missus burst out laughing when she seen it. Well, she only said one glass - she didn't say what glass.

''I struggled to finish it to be honest - there was still some left in the bottom.

''It was a little bit too much - but she did say one glass, so I'm still on my way to getting that £100.''