A meat-loving father has jokingly demanded that her daughter leave the family home after finding Quorn in the freezer.



Hollie Woodall was "totally put off" from eating meat after suffering a bout of food poisoning from chicken but her father Paul suggested she should pack her bags after buying the vegan product, which he branded the "vilest thing he's ever tasted".

Hollie joined in the fun as she posted pictures of herself leaving home in Yorkshire with Quorn products stuffed in her suitcase.

Paul said: "I'm a meat lover and a big beef fan - I like my steaks and my joints.

"Somebody gave me Quorn years ago and I thought it was the vilest thing I've ever tasted and haven't touched it since - it might have improved by now but I'm still not going to eat it.

"She knows I hate anything like that or substitute stuff because everything I buy is fresh - I don't buy anything frozen and like everything natural.

"We're a very close family and I just make light of everything as I like to see them smile - we're like this all the time anyway, it doesn't matter what it is."