A message in a bottle could have travelled from England to Rhode Island.

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Todd Ricci discovered the bottle as he was walking in the US state and says he was ''amazed'' that it hadn't broken.

He told WJAR-TV: ''It's an old wavy glass with bubbles in it. It was a message in a bottle, the area I found it in, it's just rocks. I was amazed when I went down there and it wasn't broken.''

Ricci believes the message has come from England because of the vocabulary used.

He explained: ''Pretty much all the research I've done points to England.

''The word 'canteen' is used, it opens up with the girl talking about the opening of her mother's garden, which I found out is pretty much over there like an art show. The word 'cheery' is used and she refers to her mom as 'mum' all the time.''