A group of holidaymakers were gobsmacked when they saw a monkey straddling a pig's back.

Monkey ride

Monkey ride

Paulina Jawor captured the moment the primate was being ferried around by the farm animal in Jaipur in India, on camera, which swiftly attracted a lot more public attention.

And the moment continued to amaze onlookers because after 10 minutes the monkey leapt off of the black spotted pig and onto a bin, where it grabbed some food and proceeded to feed its four-legged pal, the Mirror Online has reported.

Speaking about the sighting, the 31-year-old witness said: ''We were having a great day out sighting in Jaipur when we walked up to a beauty spot overlooking the town.

''There were loads of monkeys and wild pigs there, it was incredible. The monkeys were just messing around and the pigs were snuffling about.

''Then, all of a sudden, one of the monkeys jumped on a pig and started riding him. The pig didn't seem bothered really, and the monkey was making loads of happy noises.

''After about ten minutes they went up to a bin and the monkey hopped off.

''I couldn't believe what he did next - he got some food out of the bin and started sharing it with the pig.

''They look like best friends.''