A mother was shocked when she found what she thought was a sex toy in her dishwasher.

Sex toy mishap

Sex toy mishap

A parent assumed her daughter had put the intimate objects in the appliance to wash and immediately quizzed her on the phallic item.

The young female shared an image of the piece of equipment on Reddit to recount the event. She said: ''So mom finds this in the dishwasher. Gives it to me wrapped in a towel asking me wtf I put in the dishwasher. (sic).''

But the daughter went on to explain it was a plastic water bottle that ''shrank'' when it was put in the dishwasher.

She continued: ''IT was a cup. IT shrank. (sic).''

Although she defended herself, her mother still felt ''uncomfortable'' for the entire day.

She concluded: ''She went on talking about how uncomfortable she felt all day (sic).''