A mother was left shocked at a ''disturbing'' leaflet instructing her daughter how to take methamphetamine.



Morgan Julian couldn't believe it when her child came home with the document revealing uses for the stimulant as her daughter has never touched drugs.

It read: ''Meth is illegal. It's also illegal to own a pipe. Be discreet and only keep less than five grams for personal use.''

Morgan told stuff.co.nz: ''It reads through, very clearly, on ways to do meth and how to hide meth.''

But the school's principle Glen Denham denied encouraging drug use and insisted the leaflet was part of a wider study by older students, and that the parents had simply taken it ''out of context''.

He told the New Zealand Herald: ''It was two pages out of 25 - among over 600 resources that were available to the kids.

''The parents who got on to it, who we have spoken to, took it out of context.''