A motorist bought two old cars and abandoned them on the side of the road to get back at vandals.

A car

A car

The unnamed driver left the cars on a street in Birmingham to prove to those who had scratched his vehicle that they couldn't bully him into parking somewhere else.

The man wrote a note explaining that he left the cars in the same spot for months on end in a bid to educate the "small-minded" thugs.

It read: "This car was parked here for six months in protest because some nasty individuals scratched my nice car while it was parked in this exact same spot.

"I am moving these cars soon.

"These bangers were dumped here to educate the small-minded persons who have vandalised my car that I will not be bullied into parking elsewhere.

"You or I do not own this spot. It belongs to the council and anyone can park here."