A mum had a 100 injection ''Spider Webb Butt Lift'' procedure to stop her bum from sagging.

Woman wearing a thong

Woman wearing a thong

The collagen stimulation treatment was performed on a woman in LA named Marcela Iglesias in the hope that she can have the effect of a more ''youthful'' appearance.

Speaking to Caters News Agency, Marcela said: ''I want to maintain the way I look and keep people guessing how old I am, people can't believe I have a 17-year-old son.

''For the past five years I have done a lot of research to maintain youthful skin from leech treatment to taking care of my body, quitting soda and meat.

''I know with ageing of the muscles you start to lose volume in every part of your body, so I know this will help me.''

She explained that the procedure helps stop ''sagging'', and gives her body ''a bit of extra volume''.

She added: ''The Spider Webb Butt Lift prevents sagging and stimulates collagen so will give a bit of extra volume too. I felt no pain at all, I encourage anyone who is scared of plastic surgery to try the treatment.

''I want to keep looking as young as I can with procedures and a healthy lifestyle, I feel more confident.

''I'm looking for the eternal fountain of youth, a new way of life, so I look the best I can be without modifying or changing my body through surgery. I'm doing all I can to avoid ageing, I like to say I'm ageing beautifully.''