An Australian mother got the shock of her life when she found live crawling maggots inside her son's McDonald's burger.

Mum claims to find McMaggots in son's burger

Mum claims to find McMaggots in son's burger

Emmii Mchugh from Brisbane claims she only discovered them once her child had bitten into his Happy Meal beef patty and took to Facebook to share a video of what appeared to be the creepy crawlies on top of the burger.

Emmii also uploaded her receipt for the meal, which would have cost under £2, and has gone to extreme lengths to fight for her rights by freezing the piece of meat as proof.

Alongside the clip, she wrote: ''I've kept and frozen the product also have the receipt along with a photo and video. I will be taking this as far as I can (sic)''

McDonald's have issued a statement insisting that they take their food hygiene very seriously, but they would investigate the case as they doubt that this would've happened.

A spokesperson commented: ''It is very unlikely this occurred in our restaurant; we have great confidence in our food safety and handling procedures.

''We have spoken with the customers and will investigate further.''