A mother was mortified when her pre-teen daughter heard her talking dirty.

Dirty talk

Dirty talk

The mum was sharing an intimate moment with her husband without realising their 12-year-old girl was hiding in their room ready to jump up and scare them.

She wrote in a post on Reddit: ''Soooooo... Our 12-year-old daughter thought it would be funny to sneak in our room and hide at the food of the bed to scare us.

''Not knowing she was there, my husband and I start talking dirty to each other.

''She then jumps up, unintentionally scaring the s**t out of us and run out of the room. My husband and I, while still trying to gain composure because we both almost jumped out of our skin are now completely confused on how to proceed.

''I never thought something like this would happen to us. Lord help us. Please tell us we are not the only ones to have a situation like this. (sic)''