A mum has been left stunned after overhearing a couple having sex in her hedge.

Mum stunned by couple having sex in her hedge

Mum stunned by couple having sex in her hedge

The outraged woman has asked for advice online as she has had enough of the racy antics from the pair enjoying outdoor romps in the back garden.

Writing on Mumsnet, she explained: ''Every few nights people (I assume the same two) keep having sex in the hedge which divides my back garden from the road behind it...

''It's pretty brazen because there's no real cover to hide under! Every few nights I'll be sitting with my new rescue dog and letting her potter about and I'll hear my hedge making groany sex noises.

''I'm so tempted to cough loudly or say something but for some reason I just keep quiet and feel weird listening to other people's sex noises. So, I ask you, what would you do?''

Advice on the online forum ranged from turning the garden hose on them or water pistoling the naughty pair.

While another user suggested providing David Attenborough-style commentary to embarrass them - or a polite applause once they were moving on.