Three mummified ''aliens'' found in Peru are not real, according to scientists.

Aliens fake?

Aliens fake?

The weird remains - which have elongated heads each with three fingers and toes - have been seen around the world by thousands of theorists who claim they are extra-terrestrials from another planet.

Dr Edson Vivacno is quoted by the Daily Express as saying: ''There are lots of details that indicate that the bodies are real. To recreate a skull with these characteristics is a very difficult task. For example regarding the internal structure of the skull we can find the parietal sutures, occipital sutres, frontal sutures, and other anatomical characteristics that indicate it's a real skull.''

However, mainstream scientists have claimed the bodies were probably made from stolen mummified human remains.

Elongated skulls can be the product of cranial deformation, when children's heads were bound in cloth or rope to change their shape, possibly in religious rituals.