A naked Australian tourist drove a scooter into a swimming pool in Bali.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Raymond RB, 23, posted the controversial footage on Instagram before posting a second video showing the vehicle being pulled from the water with its engine still working.

He told 9News that the incident was an ''alcohol-influenced situation'', and while his video received a backlash on social media he insisted he owned the scooter, and had spent four months a year in Bali.

He said: ''I'm not too bothered by people saying I'm immature. I just don't want people thinking it's a rental scooter... (that) I'm disrespecting the locals.''

However, Raymond was criticised by social media users for bringing shame to Australia.

One user wrote: ''Aussies who behave like this are just bringing shame and negative image to Oz, and an eyesore too.''

Another added: ''We as Balinese people really respect every tourist come to visit our island, but sometimes we aren't respected cause this reason. Oh my. (sic)''