Nando's has released a set of bracelets to raise money to help battle malaria.



The restaurant will now sell its crafted jewellery - which are handmade by communities in southern Africa - as a fundraiser for the Nando's Fighting Maralia project, which aims to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at risk in the region each year.

Diners in the UK are able to buy the bracelets from restaurants all year round for a suggested donation of £3.50 starting on Monday (10.09.18).

The two beads represent the two lives each bracelet will help protect, and they will be made available in three different colour combinations - which all have certain meanings derived from southern African culture.

The first represents a ''promise (pink) to support (blue) positive change (grey)'', while the second means the owner is ''creating (yellow) a future (orange) filled with lasting happiness (black)'', and the latter simply has black.

The campaign was launched last year to fund spraying projects in Mozambique - the home of PERi-PERi, the restaurant's signature sauce - which coat the walls of homes in a safe insecticide to project the families from mosquitos carrying malaria.

Robbie Brozin, the company's founder, said ''Being part of the opportunity created by this project, we can make a lasting difference and help Africa with one of its longest-standing challenges.''