The National Lottery have teamed up with a brewery to find the winner of an unclaimed jackpot.

Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket

Lottery officials reached out to the Backyard Brewhouse in Walsall to produce 100 bottles of ale called Just The Ticket in a bid to trace the winner of a £1 million prize.

The ticket was purchased in the British town in September 2020, but the winner has yet to come forward and the deadline to claim the winnings expires on March 17.

Andy Carter, a senior winners advisor for the National Lottery, told the Express and Star newspaper: "With the deadline to claim the prize less than a month away, it really is a case of urging Walsall's EuroMillions players to dig out and check their tickets before it's too late."

100 bottles of Just The Ticket are currently on sale on the brewer's website.