A new book claims the world has been ''designed for men'' in a range of ways.

World designed for men

World designed for men

Writer Caroline Criado-Perez - who has penned 'Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias In A World Designed For Men - claims we are living in a world made for men and has looked at statistics from the home, workplace and public life to discover inequality in the world.

She has investigated everything from the size of piano keys to the number of times women are mentioned in school textbooks.

She explains: ''This gender data gap is not generally malicious or even deliberate. But it can be deadly - like crashing in a car whose safety measures don't account for the height and weight of women's bodies.

''This is what I mean when I say women are 'invisible'. We are living in a world made for men, itself a product and a way of thinking that has been around for millennia - and which, is therefore a kind of not thinking.''