A new study has found traditional cooking skills are dying out.

Cooking skills dying out

Cooking skills dying out

A survey, conducted by Ulster Weavers, has discovered a number of skills, including poaching an egg, and making cheese sauce, stuffing or batter from a packet are not used as often as they used to be.

And research has discovered over 80 per cent of people don't have enough time to cook food from scratch as 78 per cent rely on convenience foods such as ready meals instead of a home-cooked toad in the hole for quickness.

The study has also found 67 per cent were taught to cook by their mums, while 16 per cent have learnt how to make food from their dads.

A spokesman for Ulster Weavers said: ''It's such a shame that traditional cooking skills are dying out.

''We think it's so important that we offer the opportunity for families to cook together again which is where we offer a children's range as well as easy to cook recipes on our website.''