An old woman who vowed to never eat Italian food again has broken her seven-decade long pact.



Audrey Prudence, 94, made the decision when her husband was taken hostage by Benito Mussolini's forces, but she went back on the 70-year pizza fast after suffering a stroke in January.

She lost husband Jack, 89, a decade ago, but had kept up their joint agreement after he nearly starved to death as a prisoner of war.

However, as reported by the Metro she decided to the lift the ban by eating a ham and pineapple pizza and enjoyed it so much she is longing for more.

Her granddaughter Emma Coats said: ''She loved her pizza and cannot wait to try another and she wants the same toppings as before.

''But she has asked for it to be 'not burned' as my sister burned the crust but cut them off so she would not know, but there is nothing you can get by my nan.''