One in 10 Brits agree with Pippa Middleton's 'no ring, no bring' policy to her wedding.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton

The survey by protein brand STRIPPD compiled a list of the top ten ''bridezilla'' behaviours, which has revealed 25 per cent of brides-to-be agree with Duchess Catherine's siblings decision to not make her 35-year-old sister her chief bridesmaid.

The research has also revealed more than 30 per cent of brides believe losing weight is the most important thing in the run up to their big day as it was ranked as more important than the wedding cake and the first dance.

The list of STRIPPD's top 10 bridezilla behaviours are as follows;

1. Getting tipsy at the reception and behaving inappropriately

2. Complaining about the food

3. Fighting with the new in-laws

4. Shouting at wedding photographer

5. Sending out dress specifications for female guests

6. Revoking invitations from guests

7. Micro-managing the hen do

8. Demanding expensive presents

9. Strict rules imposed on the groom during the event

10. Buying bridesmaids ugly dresses