Eating just one sausage a day can increase the risk of deadly heart disease by 20 per cent.



Experts have drawn a link between eating red and processed meats - such as bacon and ham - and the condition, but there was no link with chicken or turkey.

Study co-author Dr. Keren Papier explained that eating red and processed meat has been consistently linked with bowel cancer and believes this is another reason to be wary.

She said: "Our findings suggest an additional role in heart disease. Therefore, current recommendations to limit red and processed meat consumption may also assist with the prevention of coronary heart disease."

Fellow author Dr. Anika Knuppel adds that cutting down on red meat will also prove beneficial for the planet.

She explained: "We need to reduce meat production and thereby consumption to benefit the environment.

"Our study shows that a reduction in red and processed meat intake would bring personal health benefits too."