A Barcelona opera house has reopened to an audience of plants.



The Gran Teatre del Liceu held its first concert since the coronavirus lockdown on Monday (22.06.20) in front of 2,292 plants.

The plants filled every seat in the arena without the need for social distancing and humans were given the chance to see the concert via a livestream.

In a statement, the opera house said: ''After a strange, painful period, the creator, the Liceu's artistic director and the curator Blanca de la Torre offer us a different perspective for our return to activity, a perspective that brings us closer to something as essential as our relationship with nature.''

Artist Eugenio Ampudia came up with the idea after being inspired by nature during the pandemic.

He explained: ''I heard many more birds singing. And the plants in my garden and outside growing faster. And without a doubt, I thought that maybe I could now relate in an intimate way with people and nature.''