A new oval-shaped roundabout has been slammed as "dangerous" by local residents.



The newly-opened junction in Douglas, Isle of Man, is made up of three rings at the convergence of three roads but furious citizens have described it as "completely and utterly bizarre".

The Isle of Man government says that the roundabout works like any other despite its strange appearance but the islanders are not convinced.

Craig Goffin, who snapped pictures of the roundabout using a drone, said: "This new roundabout is completely and utterly bizarre.

"It makes no sense to me, why not just put a regular roundabout in there? It's just confusing for everyone.

"I'm worried that there will be accidents there because for some people it will be impossible to work out. They'll pull up to it and not know what all these lines mean or where to go. It's not the kind of roundabout anyone is familiar with.

"People seem a bit panicked about it."